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  • Mission-focused
    Our mission is tri-fold. We aim to... revitalize small businesses. reduce our carbon footprint. celebrate together. We believe in bringing that same freshness from tap to table, and preserving the integrity of each product in expanding the shelf life of growlers through our patented Growler Power system. At Growler Power, we believe fresh beer just tastes better.
  • Innovative, patented design
    Growler Power's innovative system is simple: it keeps carbonation in and oxygen out. The Growler Power system locks in freshness, while keeping staleness out by using the same concept as commercial draft systems - blanket the liquid with inert gas to maintain the beverage's original flavor and consistency. Airtight seals combine with standard food-grade Co2 cartridges and built-in pressure regulators to ensure optimal freshness for your beverage. Form-fitting foam inserts keep your beverages secure and insulate, so every pour is cold.
  • Features and how it works
  • Universally compatible
    Growler Power has standard food-grade consumable compatibility. Co2 cylinders 16g & 74g N2 cylinders - 18g Growler Power's patented and unique design is due to its use of the standard, reusable growler. The Growler Power System allows for the use of standard-threaded growlers of multiple sizes: 32oz, 64oz, and 128oz (or 1 gallon)!
  • Accessible, portable, and compact design
    The Growler Power System's unique, patented design weighs only 9 lbs (approximately 15lbs with a 64oz growler fill). This allows for the system to be ultra portable for activities, and on the go! No power source needed - the Growler Power is self-sufficient with the use of standard consumable cylinders! The Growler Power System was designed to fit in a standard, full-size refrigerator. The Growler Power System is great for everyone! Beer Wine Cider Kombucha Cold Brew Cocktails
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