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Buying cans is so much easier - why would I want to switch to growlers?

Cans have been a wonderful way for breweries and other beverage businesses to bring their product to the masses. Unfortunately, obtaining shelf space in package and grocery stores is difficult in the beverage industry - especially for smaller breweries, and even more so for newly opened businesses. A good brewer will tell you, most beer is best consumed the day it leaves the brewery; but we know this isn’t always possible! Newer product is typically placed in the back so that the older product is purchased first. Canned beer is best consumed before 6 months if stored cold and 3 months if stored warm, but most of us do not check the batch date on the bottom of cans prior to purchasing at the grocery store.

Purchasing growlers straight from the taproom not only guarantees freshness and quality, but it also provides higher profit margins to the small businesses that need it. Buying growlers supports your local community, and is more sustainable than cans or bottles; making it better for the environment in the long run!


How long does beer stay fresh using your system?

We had beer in the system for 3-4 days and it tasted as good as it did on day 1. We have also held the same pressure using water for over 3 weeks with no pressure change. 


How do you clean it?

We typically use hot water to rinse the growler and the lines/faucet. We will also sell cleaning tablets. 


Will there be a drain spigot?

Growler Power has a removable liner - simply lift the liner out of the unit to empty any water! There are currently no plans for a drain spigot, but we may consider it.


How heavy is it?

The Growler Power weights 9 pounds, and is about 15-20 pounds with a full glass growler, Co2 cylinder and ice/ice packs.

Where are you based?

We are based in East and South Windsor, CT, with plans to find our forever home in Hartford, CT!


Why the St. Bernard logo?

St. Bernards are considered heroic animals since they were used back in the day to rescue people who were trapped in avalanches. Our mission is to help the Earth and to help small businesses, so the St. Bernard’s history aligns with our company mission.


How long does your system keep the growler cold?

Growler Power will keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours.


Can your product fit in a fridge?

Yes! It will fit in most standard, full-size refrigerators. You may need to adjust your shelving however.


Where can you buy the Co2 Cylinders?

They are standard, off the shelf products available on Amazon or home brewery stores. Just make sure to purchase food grade Co2 Cylinders to use with your Growler Power!


Can you accommodate a gallon growler?

Yes, the Growler Power system will fit able to fit a standard threaded growler, up to 128 oz (1 gallon!!)


Does this work with nitro beer?

Our product will be compatible with nitrogen cylinders, but we will need to provide a nitro faucet which is a product that we are planning to offer in the future.


Does your system come with the drip tray and a carrying strap?

Yes, it will.


Can your product force carbonate?

Not at the moment. We will need to develop an aluminum growler that can withstand the higher pressure of additional Co2 gas infusion. This is very technically feasible, however, and will be great for pouring nitro coffee which will provide the cascading effect when pouring.

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