How would you like to pour your own draft beer at parties, tailgates, and picnics? Growler Power's unique device converts a standard 64-oz growler container into a portable kegerator by utilizing our patent-pending pressurized system. This system works with drinks like beer, cider, wine, cocktails, and even cold brew coffee.

We have short-term plans to develop branded merchandise like ice packs, multiple styles of tasting glasses, and carrying bags. Long-term opportunities include other branded accessories (golf bags, pool floats, backpacks, etc.), and plenty of options for consumer customization. We’d also like to work with breweries to help them deliver growlers directly to consumers.

Growler Power’s device uses the same concept as commercial draft systems - blanket the liquid with inert gas to maintain the beverages’ original flavor and consistency.








Airtight seals combine with standard CO2 cartridges and built-in pressure regulators to ensure optimal freshness for your beverage. Form-fitting foam inserts keep your beverages secure and insulated, so every pour is cold.